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Tater Salad

Morsels of Life - Tater Salad - A tasty and flavorful potato salad punched up with carrots, corn, celery, and a Granny Smith apple.

I found this post that I had written, but (fortunately) had not gotten around to posting, so I'm starting off with it as I continue to get everything back in order after returning from SE Asia. I'm hoping to start my regular schedule of posting every weekday again, starting with this week!

I always thought that potato salad was made like this. It wasn't until some friends asked me what I was eating that I began to think maybe this potato salad wasn't the norm. I guess I could have figured it out if I looked in one of those deli cases, but I've never seen anyone buy potato salad from one of those places. Years later, they served what they labelled as "potato salad" at work during some training lunch. Boy, was I surprised! The "potato salad" literally only had potatoes and mayo - bland and flavorless! I couldn't believe that anyone would choose to eat something like that! Well, next time you have to make potato salad, you can use this recipe and wow your friends! Not only is this potato salad much more flavorful (it does, after all, have more than 2 ingredients), but it's also much more colorful and appealing to the eye. The sweetness of the carrots and corn played well against the tart Granny Smith and lemon/lime juice, while the celery (or celery seed) provides that extra little bit of flavor. Give this potato salad a try and let me know what you think!

A tasty and flavorful potato salad punched up with carrots, corn, celery, and a Granny Smith apple.


Mass Weight Volume Number Material Notes
potatoes, cooked and chunked
carrots, half coins
corn, kernels
celery, chopped or seeds
Granny Smith apple, quarter inch cubes Any tart apple should work.
lemon/lime juice
ham, quarter inch cubes


  1. Mix together apple and lime juice to prevent browning.
  2. Add in remaining materials, except mayo and potatoes.
  3. Mix in potatoes bit by bit until all added in.
  4. Fold in mayo to desired consistency.


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