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New Home!

So this new site is what I've been working on behind the scenes this past week! Let's just say it was quite an adventure, seeing as how I don't know any CSS and only basic HTML. Hopefully I've made improvements to your viewing experience, but as with any change, there's going to be an adjustment period and some kinks to work out. (Help me out! If you see something that's not working quite right, please let me know!) I'm still working on formatting the older posts from Blogger, but I've also added some functionality (and I'm working on some more)!

Here's some of the functionality:

  • Print Link - instead of having to click through and go to a different site, you can just press the Print button at the top of a post! You can even customize what parts of the post you want to print and what parts you don't. Save yourself some paper and ink or toner!

  • Nav Bar - I've still got the Nav Bar under the header, and I'm still working on updating it! It's mostly the same as the Blogspot, but with a Sitemap and Contact Form.

  • Facebook Like Button - If you like a recipe, please click the like button and share!

  • Sharing Bar - Just making it a little easier for you to email or share a recipe. :) If you like other sharing sites, please let me know!

  • Material Cloud - Clicking on each word will take you to a page with recipes using that material (aka ingredient - I'm just used to Materials and Methods from lab :P).

  • Search - Can't find something on the site? You can try the search box I have up there on the right! (It's still going to Blogspot until I get the posts here formatted a bit.)

  • Private Comment - Ever want to leave a comment, but not for everyone? Just check off the "Private" box next to the "Submit Comment" button, and only the person you're responding to will see the comment! Writing a new comment means only I will see it, so it's another way to contact me (privately) in addition to the Contact Form.

Hope you all enjoy the new site! If you see anything not working quite right, please let me know. I'm sure there's still a few kinks I need to work out! Also, if there's some additional functionality you'd like to see, please let me know too!

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