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Baked Teriyaki Beef "Kabobs"

Another quick and easy recipe (and no pictures :( ) since I'm still in the process of returning to life as "normal." This simple recipe would be perfect for one of those summer cookouts, or if you just wanted to cook outside to prevent the kitchen from getting too hot. However, I don't have a grill, and I didn't quite think about the temperature increase, so I made this dish in the oven. I just put all the materials into a pan and baked the whole thing. Next time, I might try skewering them and cooking over a drip pan, but just baking it all in a pan worked pretty well too. You could also stir fry the same materials - this dish seems to be getting more and more versatile!

Juicy chunks of beef, marinated in teriyaki sauce, then baked with fresh vegetables. Loaded with flavor!


Mass Weight Volume Number Material Notes
beef, chunked
teriyaki sauce
1 zucchini, chunked
1 bell pepper, cut into 1 inch squares
1 onion, chunked
additional seasonings optional


  1. Marinate beef in teriyaki sauce and any other seasonings desired.
  2. Skewer beef and veggies onto skewers or simply mix beef and veggies together.
  3. Bake (or grill) until desired level of done-ness reached.

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