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Five Friday Finds #128

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After all the cold, it looks like spring is finally around the corner! Days are getting warmer, going outside no longer requires eleventy billion layers, and plants are coming back to life. :)

Hope you enjoy these Five Friday Finds! And please link up your recipes below. You might even get featured! :) (Images come from the recipes and are pinned on Pinterest.)

Coconut and Avocado Grasshopper Bars

Starting off with last week's favorite! These grasshoppers bars look perfect for St. Patrick's Day, especially if you don't like all the green food coloring flooding many recipes! :)

Roasted Cranberry Sauce

I know it's a little out of season, but we like cranberry sauce and roasting, so how can you go wrong by combining the two? :)

Ras el Hanut Tomatoes and Red Onions

I recently made a dish with tomatoes and red onions, and we really liked it. I'm thinking this would be pretty tasty too!

Turkish Delights

James and I had some of these treats a while back, so when I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make some! :)

Baked Carrot Bacon

Making bacon with carrots - need I say more? :)

Hope you all have a fun and delicious weekend!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my grasshopper bars! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. They look great! Especially as a food coloring free St. Patrick's Day treat. :) Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. CJ!! Thank you for sharing my recipe w/your folks! All are just are you!! xo ~~ally

  4. Gotta try your recipe before it gets too hot to roast anything! :)

  5. Debi @ Life CurrentsMarch 14, 2014

    Thanks so much for featuring my Cranberry Sauce! What a lovely surprise! Your round-up looks great! And, those grasshopper bars look amazing! Pinned & stumbled your post. thanks again!

  6. Those grasshopper bars really do look like a hit! I've got to make your cranberry sauce before it gets too hot to roast anything around here. :) Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  7. Hi! Thanks stopping by BeBetsy and for the invite to the party! Happy to join in and thanks for hosting. Best of weekends ~ Sharon and Denise

  8. Love the feature and thanks for hosting each week!

  9. Thanks for sharing with us here! Hope your weekend goes well. :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us! :)

  11. Thank you for the invite! We brought over our Guinness Scones and Guinness Butter. Hope you are having a fantastic week :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  12. Awesome! Your Guinness butter is such a great idea. I bet it pairs really well with the scones, especially with Guinness in both. :)