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January's Top 5

Well, January's over now, and we're officially into the second month of 2014! We just had a bit of snow, and James got 1.5 snow days. I know a lot of the more northerly folks got hit with a lot more, but we definitely enjoyed the little we got. :)

Without further ado, here's the Top 5 roundup for January!

Morsels of Life - Mayonnaise

5. Mayonnaise

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Making your own mayo's a lot easier than you might think! Tastier too. :)
Morsels of Life - Pico de Gallo

4. Pico de Gallo

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Sometimes simple flavors win the day. Definitely in the case of this simple and flavorful salsa!
Morsels of Life - Balsamic Salmon

3. Balsamic Salmon

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Want a tasty salmon dish without a lot of effort? Sounds like you want this sweetly tangy balsamic salmon!
Morsels of Life - Egg in a Tater

2. Egg in a Tater

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My personal favorite of the bunch! Use up some leftovers and make these scrumptious eggs in a tater. :)
Morsels of Life - Tom Yum

1. Tom Yum

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You know this one's good since it's the reader favorite! Gotta love a hot soup on a cold day. :)


  1. I would have to say Balsamic Salmon. Two of my favorite ingredients! And it's super easy and fast to make.

  2. Definitely love those simple and quick recipes. :)

  3. maria @ close tohomeFebruary 15, 2014

    what a great collection of recipes. THanks for sharing them on Friday frenzy this week. hope to see you again next week.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy some of these recipes. :)

  5. Love these! Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." Looking forward to seeing what you'll share this week.

  6. Hope you try a few out and enjoy them. :) Thanks for stopping by!