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Five Friday Finds #117

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Since last week, we've looked at more apartments than I can remember and picked one out in Spring Lake! The movers delivered all our stuff on Wednesday, and we quickly found out we have a lot of kitchen things, some books, and not too much of anything else. All the kitchen boxes filled the kitchen completely, and even spilled into the living room. The office area was semi-full, but all the other rooms had just a handful of boxes each. :) Now comes the mad process of unboxing everything and determining where it goes. It's almost like an early Christmas! (I've been busy unpacking, so no favorites for me this week, but please link up your favorites of the week!)

This will be the last Five Friday Finds of 2013 since starting Monday, I'll be posting about 2013's favorite recipes! Which means no Five Friday Finds next week. And then the new year starts! I'm also going to change up the linkup part of FFF in the new year, so we'll see how it goes. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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