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April's Top 5

After changing up the Top 5 roundup in January, I've thought about how I want to do this roundup. (Thanks to all who contacted me with feedback!) So, I've decided to feature the top 5 recipes of the month. Hopefully this method will allow for a wider range of recipes in the round up and not just shuffle and reshuffle the same old recipes around!

Without further ado, here's the Top 5 roundup for April!

Morsels of Life - Shrimp with Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

5. Shrimp with Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

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A creamy shrimp stew with basil, parsley, and a bit of Cajun spice. We really enjoyed this shrimp with Fried Green Tomatoes and hope you will too!
Morsels of Life - Crispy Bacon Strips

4. Crispy Bacon Strips

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Ever wanted a way to make lots of bacon efficiently? Extra crispy bacon? Try this method, and you'll get ultra crispy bacon and bacon grease you won't even need to filter!
Morsels of Life - Asian Ginger Carrot Dressing

3. Asian Ginger Carrot Dressing

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This Asian Ginger Carrot salad dressing's commonly used at many Japanese restaurants. With all the wonderful fresh produce of spring/summer, you've got no excuse not to try this dressing. :)
Morsels of Life - Honey Mustard Shrimp

2. Honey Mustard Shrimp

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Want a quick, easy, and tasty shrimp dish? Look no further than this Honey Mustard Shrimp! Light, yet flavorful with just a hint of mustard.
Morsels of Life - Basic Cornbread

1. Basic Cornbread

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And the top recipe of April - try this Basic Cornbread! Passed down by Miz Helen's grandma, you know this cornbread's gotta be some tasty eats. No grandma passes down a bad recipe, afterall!

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