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July's Top 5

Morsels of Life - July's Top 5

Can you believe it? July’s over already and now it’s August! The summer just went by so fast! Where’d all that time go? I’m not sure how I feel about it being August already. On one hand, I’m ready for cooler weather. But on the other hand, summer’s almost over, and fall’s coming soon.

Without further ado, here's the Top 5 most visited recipes last month! Two new summer treats this time around, along with some usual winners.

Morsels of Life - Nutella Coconut Popsicles

5. Nutella Coconut Popsicles

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The addictively sweet and chilly marriage of Nutella and creamy coconut milk in popsicle form. They’re like a chocolately version of these Coconut Popsicles!
Morsels of Life - Balsamic Strawberry Galette

4. Balsamic Strawberry Galette

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An elegantly rustic tart with slices of strawberries marinated in a honey balsamic sauce with a simple butter crust. Make this one quick – while strawberries are still in season!
Morsels of Life - Instant Flour Mix (DIY Bisquick)

3. Instant Flour Mix (DIY Bisquick)

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Make this instant flour mix (aka DIY Bisquick) and you’ll always be ready for some quick flatbreads, breadsticks, pancakes or biscuits!
Morsels of Life - English Toffee Cookies

2. English Toffee Cookies

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Soft cookies with buttery, nutty, English toffee chips. Wet Team, Dry Team, mix, and done!
And last month's most visited recipe:
Morsels of Life - Sesame Chicken Sauce

1. Sesame Chicken Sauce

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A sweetly savory and slightly tangy sauce perfect for Sesame Chicken. This recipe makes frequent appearances on This Month’s Top 5, so you know it’s gotta be good!

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