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Five Friday Finds #54

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James finished up the classroom portion of his classes last week, and next week he's off to rotations, so this week he had a nice week off. I was working all week, but we're thinking about heading over to Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Hopefully it won't be rainy!

Hope you enjoy these Five Friday Finds! (Images come from the recipes and are pinned on Pinterest.)

Tropical Raspberry Lime Zinger

No Bake Energy Balls

Habanero Gold Jelly

Strawberries and Cream Frappe

Sesame Balls

Hope you all have a fun and delicious weekend!

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  1. Jennifer VAugust 10, 2012

    Thank you so much for featuring my energy balls! I have grabbed your button for my post.

  2. All your finds look really good. The jelly is so pretty!

  3. Thanks! I liked how easy they are - plus, the whole no bake thing. NO way I'm turning the oven on with the hot weather. :)

  4. Thanks! I thought the jelly looked pretty too. I hope mine will be like that too if I make it. (One can hope, right?) :)

  5. Many thanks for featuring the Habanero Jelly!

  6. Thanks for sharing it! It looks like something I'll have to make. :)

  7. It really does! I’m liking the golden hue. :)

  8. I really want to try the jelly & the frappe. YUM!

  9. :D The jelly really seemed to be a hit! And the frappe looks like some tasty eats too, doesn't it?