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Finding Morsels of Life...on Facebook

Facebook's one of those things I both like and dislike. I like being able to interact with you on the Morsels of Life page. (Come join in - you know you want to!) However, I'm not liking the constant changes influencing what you see or don't see.

I know if I "like" a page, I want to see updates! (Why would I "like" a page I don't want to know about?!)

But now, just "liking" a page doesn't mean you get to see what's up in your feed. Facebook shows you updates from pages you interact/like/share/comment/etc the most. Since you probably interact with the pages showing up in your news feed the most, the cycle continues!

So, how do you see updates from pages you like?

Well, first, like the page. Also, be sure you check "Show in News Feed."

Show Morsels of Life in Facebook News Feed

Then, create some lists and add the relevant pages to your lists. (Another bonus - lists also bring some order to all the people and pages you've friended or liked. Kinda like the lists on Twitter. You can follow me there too!)

Creating lists on Facebook is super simple too! Just go to the left sidebar on your main Facebook page. (It should be just once you're logged in. Click on the top left Facebook logo if you don't see it.) Go down until you see "Interests" - you might need to click on the "More" to see it.

Morsels of Life Facebook page - More Interests

Add your interests. Facebook might make some recommendations, but you can make your own lists too.

Morsels of Life Facebook page - add Interests

Click to create your list, and then you can pick which pages or friends you want to include.

Morsels of Life Facebook page - Create Interests

Just pick whichever pages you want to include and click "Next." Bringing you to this window:

Morsels of Life Facebook page - Create New List

Here you can name your list, determine who gets to see your list, and see who you've put on your list.

Going back to your main Facebook page, you can see your list. I'm interested in food. (In case you didn't already know! :P)

Now you've got all your interests organized in one place - give yourself a golden star!

Morsels of Life Facebook page - Golden Star

I know it takes a bit of time to set up, but it's a one-time set-up, and you'll get to see all the pages and people you want - all nice and sorted too!

In summary - you want to see more of Morsels of Life on Facebook (and you know you do)! What should you do?

  1. Like Morsels of Life on Facebook and like/share/comment/etc on there.

  2. Choose "Show in News Feed" when you "Like" Morsels of Life.

  3. Make a list of your favorite topics, and be sure to add Morsels of Life!

What tips/tricks do you have for navigating the changing Facebook waters? Share them with us in the comments!

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