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July's Top 5

Morsels of Life - July's Top 5

Is it just me, or are the months just flying by for you too? July’s been a bit of a scorcher, but things seem to be cooling down slightly now, and hopefully it’ll continue that way!

Without further ado, here's the Top 5 most visited recipes last month!

Morsels of Life - Baked Tilapia with Lemon, Onion, and Paprika

5. Baked Tilapia with Lemon, Onion, and Paprika

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A super quick and easy seafood recipe - all you have to do is sprinkle some pepper and onions on the tilapia, drizzle some lemon juice and then bake!
Morsels of Life - Sesame Cucumber Salad

4. Sesame Cucumber Salad

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Some cucumbers to combat the heat and humitity of this past month. The sesame oil, vinegar, and of course, cucumbers are what give this dish a cooling and flavorful taste profile. It also tastes just as good, if not better the day after, when the flavors have had a chance to mingle and mix.
Morsels of Life - Coconut Yogurt

3. Coconut Yogurt

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The rich creaminess of coconut yogurt just can’t quite be beat. Then there’s that slightly sweet hint of coconut, making plain coconut yogurt taste pleasant – even after a long culture time. As easy as coconut yogurt is to make, you can also easily save yourself loads of cash.
Morsels of Life - Egg in a Basket

2. Egg in a Basket

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As many names as it’s got, it’s still a very simple dish that’s quick. You’re essentially taking a piece of bread and putting a hole in it (or in my case, just using a bagel). Serve your eggs in toast instead of with toast – a twist on the usual fried eggs and toast that’s sure to delight!
And finally, last month's most visited recipe:
Morsels of Life - Bacon and Cheese Muffins

1. Bacon and Cheese Muffins

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Savory muffins with bacon and cheddar – perfect for breakfast on the go (or snacking or just whenever)! The cheddar and bacon perfectly complement each other. Since this recipe makes quite a few of these muffins, you could also freeze some and save them for later.

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