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Bagel Chips

Morsels of Life - Bagel Chips - A tasty snack - eat it by itself, with cream cheese, or even as a substitute for croutons!

We had a few bagels around, but they started drying out since we left them out for too long. As a child, we would occasionally buy a bag of bagel chips, but they disappeared almost instantly every time. But now that I had some bagels, I thought they would make a good snack as bagel chips. Although you can put various toppings/flavorings, I opted not to do that since the bagels I used were already flavored and I planned on eating them with some raspberry cream cheese. You could also just eat them plain, like I did before. Many options exist, and countless variations are available! The main difference between the store bought bagel chips and these bagel chips is the way they are sliced. Generally, the store bought ones will be sliced so that each chip is the shape of a flattened bagel, and I did try slicing the bagel that way (and there's certainly nothing stopping you from doing so), but then, I decided it would be easier to slice the bagel so that each piece was like a thick coin. It's just more efficient to slice them this way. :) I have to say, not only was it much easier to slice the bagel into coins, it was also easier to eat, using cream cheese as a dip. (Plus, no need to dirty a knife spreading the cream cheese.) Another thing I liked was the bite sized nature of each bagel chip. These chips would be great as a snack or even on the go! Depending on what flavorings you use, these could also serve as croutons on a salad or add a bit of crunch to a soup!

What's your favorite way to eat bagel chips?

A tasty snack - eat it by itself, with cream cheese, or even as a substitute for croutons!


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  1. Slice bagel into about 1/4 inch thick slices.
  2. Bake at 275-300F until crispy. The chips will become slightly more crispy as they cool.

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