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Posole Scrambled Eggs

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After getting over eating hominy, I had made some posole stir fry, but I wasn't sure what to do abut the leftovers. I thought about eating some scrambled eggs, and then I thought, why not add some flavor to the eggs and make posole scrambled eggs? Hominy is basically dried corn with the hull removed, usually by lye in a process called nixtamalization. This process increases the nutritional value, flavor, and aroma, while decreasing mycotoxins. Hominy is also commonly used to make a soup or stew called posole. I'm glad I didn't make the soup because if I had, these posole scrambled eggs would not have been possible! (I guess, technically, they would, but it wouldn't be quite the same.) Adding the eggs to my stir fried posole created a very tasty and filling breakfast. All the flavors of the posole stir fry really added another dimension onto the flavor of a breakfast staple, scrambled eggs. I'm sure the bacon bits didn't hurt either! Having tasted the stir fry posole and these posole scrambled eggs, I'll have to give posole a try next time I get some hominy!



Mass Weight Volume Number Material Notes
posole stir fry


  1. Heat skillet or pan and add posole stir fry.
  2. Pour eggs over that, and scramble.

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