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Hard Steamed Eggs

Morsels of Life - Hard Steamed Eggs - A better way of making "hard-boiled" eggs!

It might seem like a lot of extra effort to make steamed eggs instead of boiled eggs, but the little bit of extra effort is worth it. I think I first heard about steaming eggs from Alton Brown on Good Eats. Instead of the grayish outer layer on the yolk, you get a clean, yellow yolk. The white is also a bit more “creamy.” On top of all that, the eggs are much easier to peel and at least for me, fewer end up breaking/leaking.

Have you steamed eggs before? How do you think they compare to boiled eggs?

A better way of making "hard-boiled" eggs!


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  1. Steam eggs. I used the steamer insert from my pressure cooker this time, but I have used just a plate and a bowl to hold the eggs before. Steaming with a steamer insert on a rice cooker should also work (and be more efficient since you’d get rice and eggs simultaneously), and although I have never tried it, I’m guessing that the steamer inserts for making steamed vegetables would also work.
  2. Put eggs in cold water afterward to make peeling easier.

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