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we first found chester on christmas eve 2008. he was the smallest of the bunch, and we brought him home. since then, he's doubled his weight (25g to 50g) and provided countless hours of "chester-vision" - like tv, but more fun. yesterday, it seemed like it had a small patch of dry skin and slight hair loss near his hind leg. today, that patch of dry skin with minor hair loss turned into a bump that he either scratched or bit. he's in much worse condition, but he still tries to pretend he's a bison. we tried brushing him with witch hazel but found the condition to be much worse than it seemed, especially with his fur wet. scales covered his entire body, and the fur on his underside is nearly gone. anyone know of something that might help chester?
chester pretending to be a bison.

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  1. I know he's old, but I really do hope he pulls through. :(